2018 Census of Law Enforcement Training Academies (CLETA)


The Census of Law Enforcement Training Academies (CLETA) is an on-going BJS data collection building upon the previous three iterations of the CLETA referencing 2013, 2006, and 2002.  The next CLETA will include all state and local law enforcement academies in the United States offering basic recruit training during calendar year 2018. Data will be used to produce national-level estimates describing the basic training curricula, characteristics of trained recruits and instructor qualifications of these academies. BJS will also be able to compare the results with data from prior years to determine how training has changed over time.

The next CLETA will begin administration in winter 2019. BJS will send the CLETA survey to approximately 700 local and state law enforcement training academies. 

You may also contact: Shelley Hyland of BJS at 202-616-1706 or Shelley.Hyland@usdoj.gov

2018 CLETA Survey Schedule


Winter - Spring 2019

  • BJS will send a letter inviting law enforcement training academy directors to participate in CLETA
  • Academy Directors can designate a point-of-contact to complete the survey
  • RTI will provide the director or point-of-contact with access to the survey website to allow review of survey items and submittion of data
  • Training academies will send their data to RTI either online or on paper


Summer - Fall 2019

  • Data quality will be assessed
  • Results will be processed and analyzed


Summer 2020

  • BJS will publish a report on the findings